Building a Softmax Classifier for Images in PyTorch

Softmax classifier is a type of classifier in supervised learning. It is an important building block in deep learning networks and the most popular choice among deep learning practitioners. Softmax classifier is suitable for multiclass classification, which outputs the probability for each of the classes. This tutorial will teach you how to build a softmax […]

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Building Transformer Models with Attention Crash Course. Build a Neural Machine Translator in 12 Days

Transformer is a recent breakthrough in neural machine translation. Natural languages are complicated. A word in one language can be translated into multiple words in another, depending on the context. But what exactly a context is, and how you can teach the computer to understand the context was a big problem to solve. The invention […]

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Introduction to Softmax Classifier in PyTorch

While a logistic regression classifier is used for binary class classification, softmax classifier is a supervised learning algorithm which is mostly used when multiple classes are involved. Softmax classifier works by assigning a probability distribution to each class. The probability distribution of the class with the highest probability is normalized to 1, and all other […]

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Building a Logistic Regression Classifier in PyTorch

Logistic regression is a type of regression that predicts the probability of an event. It is used for classification problems and has many applications in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining. The formula of logistic regression is to apply a sigmoid function to the output of a linear function. This article […]

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Training Logistic Regression with Cross-Entropy Loss in PyTorch

In the previous session of our PyTorch series, we demonstrated how badly initialized weights can impact the accuracy of a classification model when mean square error (MSE) loss is used. We noticed that the model didn’t converge during training and its accuracy was also significantly reduced. In the following, you will see what happens if […]

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Making Predictions with Logistic Regression in PyTorch

Logistic regression is a statistical technique for modeling the probability of an event. It is often used in machine learning for making predictions. We apply logistic regression when a categorical outcome needs to be predicted. In PyTorch, the construction of logistic regression is similar to that of linear regression. They both applied to linear inputs. […]

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Training a Multi-Target Multilinear Regression Model in PyTorch

The multi-target multilinear regression model is a type of machine learning model that takes single or multiple features as input to make multiple predictions. In our earlier post, we discussed how to make simple predictions with multilinear regression and generate multiple outputs. Here we’ll build our model and train it on a dataset. In this […]

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Multi-Target Predictions with Multilinear Regression in PyTorch

While in the previous few tutorials we worked with single output multilinear regression, here we’ll explore how we can use multilinear regression for multi-target predictions. Complex neural network architectures are essentially having each neuron unit to perform linear regression independently then pass on their result to another neuron. Therefore, knowing how such regression works is […]

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