Jason BrownleeHello, my name is Jason Brownlee, Ph.D.

I’m a husband, father and professional developer. I also have a few higher degrees in Artificial Intelligence and I’ve worked on machine learning systems for defense, startups and severe weather forecasting.

I started this community because I am passionate about helping professional developers to get started and confidently apply machine learning to address complex problems.


I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by the vast amounts of blogs, courses, books, papers and software tools available.

It is difficult to know where to start and how to know which resources are worth the effort.

It is easy to feel confused by the theoretical and mathematical introductions to machine learning algorithms and thinking that there must be an easier path.

That is why I am here to help you learn and understand machine learning, and wield machine learning algorithms confidently to solve complex problems.

Interested Amateur

It wasn’t that long ago that I was a developer and then a professional software engineer interested in machine learning.

I read blogs and websites and did not understand the theory or the mathematics that I believed I had to before I could apply the algorithms.

I desperately wanted to get started applying machine learning but I was hung up on the theory and the academic side and I could not move forward.

Self-Study Small Projects

I knew the solution and was using it effectively, but it took me years to see it for what it was.

As a professional software developer, it is part of my job to stay on top of tools, techniques, APIs and programming languages. Like many developers, I do this by designing and executing small projects on the side that use a tool or technique in order for me to learn it through applying it.

I was using this methodology to teach myself machine learning on the side and I even used this strategy to get me through two higher degrees, that I now realize I didn’t need to get.

Learn from my Missteps

It was difficult when my interest in machine learning was kindled.

There were a few sites out there, but nothing that I felt spoke to me as first an interested programmer and later, a professional programmer. I spent hundreds of dollars on thick academic textbooks that I could not understand or appreciate until many years later.

Machine learning is described in academic language from books, papers, and even websites. I felt (I now believe wrongly) that I had to get higher degrees to figure this stuff out. I quit my job and went back to school to earn a Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

I completed my research work leveraging the skills I already had as a professional developer: designing and executing small projects in order to learn and master skills.

Apply Machine Learning Algorithms

I turned full circle and happily became a professional programmer again. I got to solve complex problems for real users that are interested and excited about the solutions.

I can confidently wield machine learning algorithms to solve problems at work, for clients, and even for myself when participating in competitions or creating my own software.

Today I spend my days working with developers to get started and really kick ass in applied machine learning.

Your First Step

And now I want to help you to get the same results. The first step is simple.

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