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Welcome to Machine Learning Mastery!

Hi, I’m Jason Brownlee, Ph.D., the guy behind Machine Learning Mastery.

My goal is to make YOU awesome at machine learning.

The academic approach used to teach machine learning is not for you. It’s so slow!

My approach is unconventional because it’s tailored for developers.

I teach a top-down method laser-focused on delivering results. Not research papers.

Comments From Students:

I love your site by the way. It’s one of the few ML sources I’ve come across that explains things clearly rather than writing everything as if it were an academic paper.

Your site is addictive. I am not kidding. I feel like I am a kid in a candy store with so many Machine Learning links to follow from your own site.

Your work has been VERY helpful for me as an aspiring Data Scientist!

I love your blog and really appreciate you sharing your methodology. For the last few years, I’ve approached coding and machine learning from the exact opposite angle.

Machine Learning Mastery EBooks

Below are my top 3 most popular machine learning Ebooks.

Machine Learning Algorithms


(ideal for Beginner Level)

Master Machine Learning Algorithms

A gentle step-by-step introduction to 10 top machine learning algorithms.

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Deep Learning With Python


(ideal for Advanced Level)

Deep Learning With Python

Develop and tune a suite deep learning models on a range of projects.

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Machine Learning With R


(ideal for Intermediate Level)


The most advanced machine learning platform used by professionals.

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