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9 Ways to Get Help with Deep Learning in Keras

Keras is a Python deep learning library that can use the efficient Theano or TensorFlow symbolic math libraries as a backend. Keras is so easy to use that you can develop your first Multilayer Perceptron, Convolutional Neural Network, or LSTM Recurrent Neural Network in minutes. You may have technical questions when you get started using […]

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Comparison of Adam to Other Optimization Algorithms Training a Multilayer Perceptron

Gentle Introduction to the Adam Optimization Algorithm for Deep Learning

The choice of optimization algorithm for your deep learning model can mean the difference between good results in minutes, hours, and days. The Adam optimization algorithm is an extension to stochastic gradient descent that has recently seen broader adoption for deep learning applications in computer vision and natural language processing. In this post, you will […]

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How to Get Reproducible Results from Neural Networks with Keras

How to Get Reproducible Results with Keras

Neural network algorithms are stochastic. This means they make use of randomness, such as initializing to random weights, and in turn the same network trained on the same data can produce different results. This can be confusing to beginners as the algorithm appears unstable, and in fact they are by design. The random initialization allows […]

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