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Profiling Python Code

Profiling is a technique to figure out how time is spent in a program. With these statistics, we can find the “hot spot” of a program and think about ways of improvement. Sometimes, a hot spot in an unexpected location may hint at a bug in the program as well. In this tutorial, we will […]

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Static analyzers in Python<br/>Photo by <a href="">Skylar Kang</a>. Some rights reserved

Static Analyzers in Python

Static analyzers are tools that help you check your code without really running your code. The most basic form of static analyzers is the syntax highlighters in your favorite editors. If you need to compile your code (say, in C++), your compiler, such as LLVM, may also provide some static analyzer functions to warn you […]

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Web Crawling in Python

In the old days, it was a tedious job to collect data, and it was sometimes very expensive. Machine learning projects cannot live without data. Luckily, we have a lot of data on the web at our disposal nowadays. We can copy data from the web to create our dataset. We can manually download files […]

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Massaging Data Using Pandas

When we talk about managing data, it is quite inevitable to see data presented in tables. With column header, and sometimes with names for rows, it makes understanding data easier. In fact, it often happens that we see data of different types staying together. For example, we have quantity as numbers and name as strings […]

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NumPy and SciPy<br/>Photo by <a href="">Nothing Ahead</a>. Some rights reserved.

Scientific Functions in NumPy and SciPy

Python is a general-purpose computation language, but it is very welcomed in scientific computing. It can replace R and Matlab in many cases, thanks to some libraries in the Python ecosystem. In machine learning, we use some mathematical or statistical functions extensively, and often, we will find NumPy and SciPy useful. In the following, we […]

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Calculus for Machine Learning (7-day mini-course)

Calculus for Machine Learning Crash Course. Get familiar with the calculus techniques in machine learning in 7 days. Calculus is an important mathematics technique behind many machine learning algorithms. You don’t always need to know it to use the algorithms. When you go deeper, you will see it is ubiquitous in every discussion on the […]

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