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Building a Multiclass Classification Model in PyTorch<br/>Photo by <a href="">Cheung Yin</a>. Some rights reserved.

Building a Multiclass Classification Model in PyTorch

PyTorch library is for deep learning. Some applications of deep learning models are to solve regression or classification problems. In this tutorial, you will discover how to use PyTorch to develop and evaluate neural network models for multi-class classification problems. After completing this step-by-step tutorial, you will know: How to load data from CSV and […]

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Using Autograd in PyTorch to Solve a Regression Problem

We usually use PyTorch to build a neural network. However, PyTorch can do more than this. Because PyTorch is also a tensor library with automatic differentiation capability, you can easily use it to solve a numerical optimization problem with gradient descent. In this post, you will learn how PyTorch automatic differentiation engine, autograd, works. After […]

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Manipulating Tensors in PyTorch. Photo by <a href="">Big Dodzy</a>. Some rights reserved.

Manipulating Tensors in PyTorch

PyTorch is a deep learning library. Just like some other deep learning libraries, it applies operations on numerical arrays called **tensors**. In the simplest terms, tensors are just multidimensional arrays. When we are dealing with the tensors, there are some operations that are used very often. In PyTorch, there are some functions defined specifically for […]

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Building Transformer Models with Attention Crash Course. Build a Neural Machine Translator in 12 Days

Transformer is a recent breakthrough in neural machine translation. Natural languages are complicated. A word in one language can be translated into multiple words in another, depending on the context. But what exactly a context is, and how you can teach the computer to understand the context was a big problem to solve. The invention […]

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A Brief Introduction to BERT

As we learned what a Transformer is and how we might train the Transformer model, we notice that it is a great tool to make a computer understand human language. However, the Transformer was originally designed as a model to translate one language to another. If we repurpose it for a different task, we would […]

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