Take Your Machine Learning Skills Global

Sponsored Post In our interconnected world, a decision made thousands of miles away can have lasting consequences for entire organizations or economies. When small changes have big effects, it is unsurprising that companies and governments are turning to machine learning and AI to accurately predict risk. ​ How the Global Community is Applying Machine Learning […]

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Multiprocessing in Python

When you work on a computer vision project, you probably need to preprocess a lot of image data. This is time-consuming, and it would be great if you could process multiple images in parallel. Multiprocessing is the ability of a system to run multiple processors at one time. If you had a computer with a […]

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Interactive Course on Optimizing Search Engines With Ricardo Baeza-Yates Starting May 10

Sponsored Post Search systems are in the process of being revolutionized by Deep Learning and AI applications. To successfully evaluate, build, deploy and scale information retrieval systems, engineers working with search systems must understand the frameworks and algorithms that underpin this technology. Professors Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Northeastern University) has done research on information retrieval and web […]

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10 seats remaining | A series of live ML strategy workshops

Sponsored Post Unlike traditional online courses, Foster Provost’s workshops will give you the chance to engage live with a world-class expert and an intimate community of industry professionals. So far we have participants from LinkedIn, Spotify, Ralph Lauren, and many other exciting companies joining. There are only 10 seats left, we would love to see […]

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