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Best Free Resources to Learn Data Analysis and Data Science

Sponsored Content     In my decade of teaching online, the most significant inspiration has been that online learning democratizes access to education globally. Regardless of your ethnic background, income level, and geographical location—as long as you can surf the web—you can find an ocean of free educational content to help you learn new skills.  […]

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Hardware-Accelerated AI for Windows Apps Using ONNX RT

Sponsored Content   By Rajan Mistry Sr. Applications Engineer with the Qualcomm Developer Network Today, you can’t help but read the media headlines about AI and the growing sophistication of generative AI models like Stable Diffusion. A great example of a use case for generative AI on Windows is Microsoft 365 Copilot. This AI assistant can […]

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365 Data Science Offers All Courses 100% Free for 2 Weeks

Sponsored Content     From November 6 (07:00 PST) to 20 (07:00 PST), 365 Data Science offers free unlimited access to its entire curriculum, featuring interactive courses, hands-on data projects, and certificates of achievement. This opportunity allows for in-depth data science and AI exploration—presenting a no-cost method to enhance one’s skills and knowledge. Enhancing Careers […]

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Fast and Cheap Fine-Tuned LLM Inference with LoRA Exchange (LoRAX)

Sponsored Content     By Travis Addair & Geoffrey Angus If you’d like to learn more about how to efficiently and cost-effectively fine-tune and serve open-source LLMs with LoRAX, join our November 7th webinar. Developers are realizing that smaller, specialized language models such as LLaMA-2-7b outperform larger general-purpose models like GPT-4 when fine-tuned with proprietary […]

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Celebrating Devart’s 26th Birthday with an Exclusive 20% Discount on Data Connectivity Tools!

Sponsored Post     Devart, a leading provider of database connectivity solutions, is celebrating its 26th birthday.   Devart has been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses and developers to connect, manage, and optimize their databases seamlessly. With a rich history of providing top-notch database tools and unparalleled customer support, Devart […]

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MOSTLY AI: The most accurate synthetic data generator

Sponsored Post   By Georgios Loizou, AI & Machine Learning Product Owner at MOSTLY AI     Update: SDV changed their license model in 2023, and is NOT open-source anymore. As businesses attempt to extract relevant insights and build powerful machine-learning models, the need for high-quality, accurate synthetic datasets has grown. MOSTLY AI is excited […]

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365 Data Science courses free until November 21

Sponsored Post   The unlimited access initiative presents a risk-free way to break into data science.     The online educational platform 365 Data Science launches the #21DaysFREE campaign and provides 100% free unlimited access to all content for three weeks. From November 1 to 21, you can take courses from renowned instructors and earn […]

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Data Engineering for ML: Optimize for Cost Efficiency

Sponsored Post     Over the past few years, a lot has changed in the world of stream processing systems. This is especially true as companies manage larger amounts of data than ever before.  In fact, roughly 2.5 quintiliion bytes worth of data are generated every day. Manually processing the sheer amount of data that […]

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