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365 Data Science Offers All Courses 100% Free for 2 Weeks

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365 Data Science Offers All Courses 100% Free for 2 Weeks

From November 6 (07:00 PST) to 20 (07:00 PST), 365 Data Science offers free unlimited access to its entire curriculum, featuring interactive courses, hands-on data projects, and certificates of achievement. This opportunity allows for in-depth data science and AI exploration—presenting a no-cost method to enhance one’s skills and knowledge.

Enhancing Careers in Data Science and AI  

For two weeks, 365 Data Science provides free access to its comprehensive suite of courses and resources. This initiative supports students in advancing their expertise in data science, analytics, programming, and machine and deep learning. With over 2 million users worldwide, the platform is dedicated to fostering essential skills for a career in these rapidly evolving areas.

A Proven Track Record of Educational Success 

365 Data Science’s annual free access campaign is now in its third iteration. CEO Ned Krastev regards the field of data science as one teeming with opportunities for professional development. This viewpoint mirrors the organization’s commitment to nurturing a global community of continually advancing data specialists.

Growth and Student Engagement 

In 2022, the free access initiative attracted 152,000 distinct users from 200 nations. These learners collectively consumed over 9.2 million minutes of content and achieved 38,761 certificates. Krastev attributes this achievement to the learners’ zeal for knowledge and improvement, underscoring the firm’s role in facilitating their path to success.

New Additions for Practical Learning 

365 Data Science has recently integrated real-world, data-focused projects tailored to various expertise levels and technical requirements. These projects—grounded in actual business scenarios—are intended to boost practical skills and job readiness. Ned highlights, “Our focus on applied learning is essential for skill acquisition, and these projects significantly advance students’ professional trajectories.”

Optimizing the Free Access Period

Participants can delve into all courses, projects, exams, certificates, and platform functionalities during this unique access period. While mastering data science and AI in just 14 days is ambitious, this initiative provides a valuable, risk-free chance to deepen one’s understanding of these fields and establish a strong foundation for a future career.


Join the program and start for free.


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