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Tepper Wants to Nerd Out On Data With You

Sponsored Post There are many practical reasons why you should choose an online Masters in Business Analytics from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. We can list facts like: our alumni average $103,000 in starting salary and 84% of our grads secured a promotion or new position within three months of graduation. […]

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Take Your Machine Learning Skills Global

Sponsored Post In our interconnected world, a decision made thousands of miles away can have lasting consequences for entire organizations or economies. When small changes have big effects, it is unsurprising that companies and governments are turning to machine learning and AI to accurately predict risk. ​ How the Global Community is Applying Machine Learning […]

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Interactive Course on Optimizing Search Engines With Ricardo Baeza-Yates Starting May 10

Sponsored Post Search systems are in the process of being revolutionized by Deep Learning and AI applications. To successfully evaluate, build, deploy and scale information retrieval systems, engineers working with search systems must understand the frameworks and algorithms that underpin this technology. Professors Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Northeastern University) has done research on information retrieval and web […]

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10 seats remaining | A series of live ML strategy workshops

Sponsored Post Unlike traditional online courses, Foster Provost’s workshops will give you the chance to engage live with a world-class expert and an intimate community of industry professionals. So far we have participants from LinkedIn, Spotify, Ralph Lauren, and many other exciting companies joining. There are only 10 seats left, we would love to see […]

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Guide to Iteratively Tuning GNNs

Sponsored Post By Luis Bermudez This blog walks through a process for experimenting with hyperparameters, training algorithms and other parameters of Graph Neural Networks. In this post, we share the first two phases of our experiment chain. The graph datasets that we use to make inferences on come from Open Graph Benchmark (OGB). If you […]

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Very Deep Neural Networks Explained in 40 Seconds

By Vincent Granville, Ph.D., Author at Sponsored Post Very deep neural networks (VDNN) illustrated with data animation: a 40 second video, featuring supervised learning, layers, neurons, fuzzy classification, and convolution filters. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here instead, I use a video to illustrate the concept of very deep […]

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Win tickets to The AI Summit London 2022

Sponsored Post Join the UK’s most forward-thinking technologists and business professionals this June in a celebration of emerging technology. Machine Learning Mastery and KDNuggets supporters can enter to win for a chance to win one of five pairs pair of tickets (worth £3,998) to this year’s #AISummit London. Taking place June 15 – 16 at […]

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Interactive ML Strategy course with Foster Provost starting April 7

Sponsored Post Building successful machine learning products requires mastering ML Strategy, including problem formulation, evaluation, and tactics for dealing with stakeholders and project uncertainties. Many ML projects fail not for technical reasons, but because of poor understanding of the difference between doing ML well technically and actually realizing business impact with an ML solution. Professor […]

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