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Recommender Systems: An Introduction

How to Get Started With Recommender Systems

Recommender systems may be the most common type of predictive model that the average person may encounter. They provide the basis for recommendations on services such as Amazon, Spotify, and Youtube. Recommender systems are a huge daunting topic if you’re just getting started. There is a myriad of data preparation techniques, algorithms, and model evaluation […]

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Data Mining- Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques

Machine Learning Books

The Complete Machine Learning Bookshelf. Books are a fantastic investment. You get years of experience for tens of dollars. I love books and I read every machine learning book I can get my hands on. I think having good references is the fastest way to getting good answers to your machine learning questions, and having […]

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Predicting Y from X

Machine Learning With Statistical And Causal Methods

In November 2014, Bernhard Scholkopf was awarded the Milner Award by the Royal Society for his contributions to machine learning. In accepting the award, he gave a layman’s presentation of his work on statistical and causal machine learning methods titled “Statistical and causal approaches to machine learning“. It’s an excellent one hour talk and I highly recommend that you watch […]

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RapidMiner Screenshot

Java Machine Learning

Are you a Java programmer and looking to get started or practice machine learning? Writing programs that make use of machine learning is the best way to learn machine learning. You can write the algorithms yourself from scratch, but you can make a lot more progress if you leverage an existing open source library. In […]

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