Interactive ML Strategy course with Foster Provost starting April 7


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Building successful machine learning products requires mastering ML Strategy, including problem formulation, evaluation, and tactics for dealing with stakeholders and project uncertainties. Many ML projects fail not for technical reasons, but because of poor understanding of the difference between doing ML well technically and actually realizing business impact with an ML solution.

Professor Foster Provost, a leading ML practitioner, entrepreneur, and scholar, is hosting a live interactive course that will help you to master these skills. The course consists of five live online sessions that dive into actionable frameworks and industry case studies. The learnings and insights are based on Foster’s experience orchestrating successful, high-impact ML applications for three decades at companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to highly successful ML-based startups.

Unlike traditional online courses, you will have the chance to engage live with your instructor and an intimate cohort of like-minded and driven industry professionals. The course is also accredited by CPD, meaning you can expense the full cost to your employee learning budget.

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