How to Get More Help For the Weka Machine Learning Workbench

The Weka machine learning workbench is an easy to use and powerful platform for applied machine learning.

Even though it is easy to use, you may still require some help or advice when using it on your own problems.

In this post you will discover resources that you can use to get more help with Weka.

After reading this post you will know:

  • About the documentation that is installed with Weka on your workstation.
  • Resources online that you can consult to get help with your technical concerns with Weka.
  • Where you can go to ask your own unanswered questions about Weka.

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How to Get More Help For the Weka Machine Learning Workbench

How to Get More Help For the Weka Machine Learning Workbench
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Weka Offline Documentation

Your installation of Weka provides documentation that you can consult for simpler questions around how to use the platform.

Your installation directory contains an HTML file called documentation.html that links to all of the documentation provided with your installation including:

  • The Weka User Manual.
  • Weka API documentation.
Weka Documentation

Weka Documentation

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Weka Manual

The Weka manual provides information on how to use the Weka software.

This includes:

  • How to use the Weka command line interface.
  • How to use the Weka graphical user interface.
  • About the Weka data file formats.
  • And additional technical documentation.

The documentation is very good and it is the first place you should check if you have a question about the usage of the Weka software.

Weka Manual

Weka Manual

Weka Java API Documentation

This is the documentation for the Java Application Programming Interface (API).

It is for developers that want to write programs that make use of the Weka Java interface.

The structure and style of the documentation will be familiar to Java programmers as it uses the standard Javadoc format.

Weka Java Application Programming Interface Documentation

Weka Java Application Programming Interface Documentation

Weka Online Documentation

Weka provides a few online sources of documentation including:

  • Weka Wiki
  • Weka Mailing List
  • Other Official Resources

Weka Wiki

The Weka Wiki provides helpful how-to articles on a range of Weka topics.

Below are some wiki page that you may find valuable if you are looking to resolve a specific problem:

There are a lot of wiki pages, use the search feature to locate pages on a specific topic.

Weka Mailing List

The Weka mailing list is an email list that you can join to interact with the core Weka community.

This includes both answering technical questions about Weka and getting answers to your own technical questions.

There is an etiquette to email lists in general and especially on this email list. A big part of this etiquette is checking if your question has been asked and answered before. You can do this by reviewing the Weka email list archives using the search feature. The archives are rich and I recommend spending some time reading through the history.

Other Official Resources

Other online resources that you may find useful include:

Stack Overflow

The stackoverflow website is a technical question and answer community for developers.

Like the Weka email list, it is good etiquette to check if your question has already been asked and answered before. Use the search feature and pay close attention to the “Related” posts on the right hand side of the page when reading a given question and answer page.

Questions about Weka are tagged with the “Weka” keyword. Filtering questions by this tag allows you to review all Weka related questions.


In this post you discovered resources that you can use to get help with Weka.

You learned:

  • Your Weka installation includes a Manual with more information about how to use the Weka interface.
  • The Weka Wiki is the go-to place for additional technical questions about how to use Weka.
  • The mailing list and Stack Overflow are great places to ask unanswered technical questions on Weka.

Do you have any questions about getting more help with Weka or about this post? Ask your questions in the comments below and I will do my best to answer.

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  1. Avatar
    ravi May 18, 2017 at 4:20 am #

    Can we use weka library for email bounce learning ?

  2. Avatar
    Isabel Zulu September 1, 2019 at 4:46 am #

    Please help me. I want to use LAD classifier on time series data from 2010 to 2017 over 17 banks with 4 classes. How do I go about it? Thank you

    • Avatar
      Jason Brownlee September 1, 2019 at 5:47 am #

      Sorry, I don’t have examples of working with time series data in Weka, I cannot give you good off the cuff advice.

  3. Avatar
    Kris December 23, 2019 at 2:40 pm #

    Hi Jason,

    I have installed the WekaDeepLearning4j package but its pretty slow for anything but the simplest deep learning problems. Are you aware of any AWS or cloud-based implementation capability for WEKA? Or any suggestions? Thanks for all you do. I have learnt a lot from your books.

  4. Avatar
    ashraf October 6, 2020 at 6:25 am #

    can help me how to classify text by using CNN and RNN and configuration in weak I already install package d4lj weka package but I don’t know how to parameter set

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