Study a Machine Learning Algorithm

4 Self-Study Machine Learning Projects

There are many paths into the field of machine learning and most start with theory. If you are a programmer then you already have the skills to decompose problems into their constituent parts and to prototype small projects in order to learn new technologies, libraries and methods. These are important skills for any professional programmer […]

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How to Identify Outliers in your Data

Bojan Miletic asked a question about outlier detection in datasets when working with machine learning algorithms. This post is in answer to his question. If you have a question about machine learning, sign-up to the newsletter and reply to an email or use the contact form and ask, I will answer your question and may […]

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Table of Data Showing an Instance, Feature, and Train-Test Datasets

Data, Learning and Modeling

There are key concepts in machine learning that lay the foundation for understanding the field. In this post, you will learn the nomenclature (standard terms) that is used when describing data and datasets. You will also learn the concepts and terms used to describe learning and modeling from data that will provide a valuable intuition […]

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