Data Management Matters

Data Management Matters And Why You Need To Take It Seriously

We live in a world drowning in data. Internet tracking, stock market movement, genome sequencing technologies and their ilk all produce enormous amounts of data. Most of this data is someone else’s responsibility, generated by someone else, stored in someone else’s database, which is maintained and made available by… you guessed it… someone else. But. […]

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How to become a data scientist

How to Become a Data Scientist

How do you become a data scientist? I think that really depends on where you are now and what you really want to do as a data scientist. Nevertheless, DataCamp posted an infographic recently that described 8 easy steps to becoming a data scientist. In this post I want to highlight and review DataCamp’s infographic. […]

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crash course in statistics

Crash Course in Statistics for Machine Learning

You do not need to know statistics before you can start learning and applying machine learning. You can start today. Nevertheless, knowing some statistics can be very helpful to understand the language used in machine learning. Knowing some statistics will eventually be required when you want to start making strong claims about your results. In […]

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