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Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Review of Stanford Course on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is a subfield of machine learning concerned with understanding speech and text data. Statistical methods and statistical machine learning dominate the field and more recently deep learning methods have proven very effective in challenging NLP problems like speech recognition and text translation. In this post, you will discover the Stanford […]

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Gentle Introduction to Making Predictions with Sequences

Making Predictions with Sequences

Sequence prediction is different from other types of supervised learning problems. The sequence imposes an order on the observations that must be preserved when training models and making predictions. Generally, prediction problems that involve sequence data are referred to as sequence prediction problems, although there are a suite of problems that differ based on the […]

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Encoder-Decoder Long Short-Term Memory Networks

Encoder-Decoder Long Short-Term Memory Networks

Gentle introduction to the Encoder-Decoder LSTMs for sequence-to-sequence prediction with example Python code. The Encoder-Decoder LSTM is a recurrent neural network designed to address sequence-to-sequence problems, sometimes called seq2seq. Sequence-to-sequence prediction problems are challenging because the number of items in the input and output sequences can vary. For example, text translation and learning to execute […]

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Mini-Course on Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks with Keras

Mini-Course on Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks with Keras

Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) recurrent neural networks are one of the most interesting types of deep learning at the moment. They have been used to demonstrate world-class results in complex problem domains such as language translation, automatic image captioning, and text generation. LSTMs are different to multilayer Perceptrons and convolutional neural networks in that they […]

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Attentional Interpretation of Words in the Input Document to the Output Summary

Attention in Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks

The Encoder-Decoder architecture is popular because it has demonstrated state-of-the-art results across a range of domains. A limitation of the architecture is that it encodes the input sequence to a fixed length internal representation. This imposes limits on the length of input sequences that can be reasonably learned and results in worse performance for very […]

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