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Machine Learning Mastery with Python

Machine Learning Mastery With Python

Machine Learning Mastery With Python Discover The Fastest Growing Platform For Professional Machine Learning With Step-By-Step Tutorials and End-To-End Projects Machine Learning Mastery with Python is for Developers ….with a little Background in Machine Learning …and LOTS of Interest in Making Accurate Predictions and Delivering Results I have carefully designed this Ebook for developers that already know a little background in […]

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Machine Learning Mastery With R

Machine Learning Mastery With R

Machine Learning Mastery With R Discover The Most Popular Machine Learning Platform With Step-By-Step Tutorials And End-To-End Projects You Need R to Really Kick Ass at Applied Machine Learning …But You Don’t Want to Deep-Dive into Theory or Language Syntax Professional developers can pick-up R fast… As a developer, you know how to pick up […]

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R Platform For Machine Learning

Use R For Machine Learning

You should use R for machine learning. R is one of the most powerful machine learning platforms and is used by the top data scientists in the world. In this post you will learn why you should use R for machine learning. Let’s get started. Why You Should Care About R R is used by […]

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Philosophy Graduate to Machine Learning Practitioner

Philosophy Graduate to Machine Learning Practitioner (an interview with Brian Thomas)

Getting started in machine learning can be frustrating. There’s so much to learn that it feels overwhelming. So much so that many developers interested in machine learning never get started. The idea of creating models on ad hoc datasets and entering a Kaggle competition sounds exciting a far off goal. So how did a Philosophy graduate get started in machine learning? […]

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Algorithms from scratch

Understand Machine Learning Algorithms By Implementing Them From Scratch

Implementing machine learning algorithms from scratch seems like a great way for a programmer to understand machine learning. And maybe it is. But there some downsides to this approach too. In this post you will discover some great resources that you can use to implement machine learning algorithms from scratch. You will also discover some of […]

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Machine Learning Frustration

Machine Learning for Programmers

How Do I Get Started In Machine Learning? I’m a developer. I have read a book or some posts on machine learning. I have watched some of the Coursera machine learning course. I still don’t know how to get started… Does this sound familiar? The most common question I’m asked by developers on my newsletter is: How do […]

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