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Self-Study Machine Learning ($7)

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Discover the structured framework for self-studying machine learning that includes 4 competency levels and focused objectives and activities for each level.

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(ideal for Novice Students)

Jump-Start Scikit-Learn ($7)

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Discover Machine Learning in Python with the library scikit-learn in this lightweight recipe book. Contains 35 recipes ready to copy and paste on a range of topics.

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(ideal for Intermediate Students)

Small Projects Methodology ($11)

Small Projects Methodology

Discover the blueprint for learning and practicing applied machine learning with 4 project types and 90 project ideas.

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Additional Machine Learning Guides and Courses

Beginner Machine Learning Students

Novice Machine Learning Students

  • Applied Machine Learning Process: Discover the structured step-by-step process for applying machine learning to your own problems now and in the future.
  • Jump-Start Machine Learning in R: Discover machine learning in R in this lightweight recipe book.
  • Beginning Weka (video course): Discover the process of applied machine learning with step-by-step tutorials and worked case study problems using the Weka machine learning workbench.

Intermediate Machine Learning Students


Jason and AlexMy name is Jason. I’m from Australia and I have a Masters and Phd in Artificial Intelligence, I’ve written books on algorithms, consulted for startups and I work on tropical cyclone forecasting systems. I get a lot of satisfaction helping programmers make their start and kick some ass with machine learning.

I am 33 years old, married with a young son and in my free time I like to read books, code, write articles and participate in machine learning competitions.

You can connect with me or write to me and tell me why you’re interested in machine learning. I hope you enjoy my website.