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(very popularSelf-Study Machine Learning (Structured Framework)

Conquer Self-Limiting Beliefs in Machine Learning

Discover Your Why in Machine Learning

Learn Foundation Concepts and Definitions


Discover the Applied Machine Learning Process (6-step process)

(new!) Machine Learning in R (Recipes)

Machine Learning in Python with Scikit-Learn (Recipes)

Machine Learning with a Graphical Interface (Weka)

 (very popularVideo Training Course (ML Process, Weka, +3 Case Studies)


(very popularExpand Your Machine Learning Portfolio (Small Projects)

Learn Any Machine Learning Algorithm (Algorithm Description Template)

Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes (Ruby)

Jet Fuel

Super Bundle (get everything!)


Jason and AlexMy name is Jason. I’m from Australia and I have a Masters and Phd in Artificial Intelligence, I’ve written books on algorithms, consulted for startups and I work on tropical cyclone forecasting systems. I get a lot of satisfaction helping programmers make their start and kick some ass with machine learning.

I am 33 years old, married with a young son and in my free time I like to read books, code, write articles and participate in machine learning competitions.

You can connect with me or write to me and tell me why you’re interested in machine learning. I hope you enjoy my website.

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Your work has been VERY helpful for me as an aspiring Data Scientist!

— David Dalisay

Thank you – the projects I bought from your site really helped in shaping my methodology for my Masters. I was a bit adrift for a while now, and finally have a concrete way of solving my classification problem due to your examples

— Stefan Brink

The main reason I bought the package was it’s really practical based and follows a top to bottom approach. This is very good learning approach for working professionals.

— Tamil Selvan

I bought the guide because I appreciate what you’ve been sharing on the web. I realized that I wanted more structured ideas about how to move forward in my path of machine learning. I suppose I could stumble through it myself, but for me it’s worth it to have feedback from someone who has put time into thinking through the process.

— Trina Chiasson

Thanks for such wonderful collection of materials for machine learning.

— Ifeanyi Aguocha


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