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Getting Started

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Machine Learning Algorithms

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Program Catalog

I want to get started with Machine Learning Algorithms!

Master Machine Learning Algorithms

Gentle introduction to 10 top machine learning algorithms and 12 tutorials to implement them step-by-step from scratch.

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I want to get started and apply Machine Learning in Python!

Machine Learning Mastery with Python

Discover Machine Learning in the Python ecosystem. Includes 16 step-by-step lessons and 3 end-to-end projects.

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I want to get started and apply Machine Learning in R!


Discover machine learning in R, the most advanced platform used by professionals. Includes 14 step-by-step lessons and 3 end-to-end real world case study projects.

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Machine Learning With Python

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Deep Learning

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Machine Learning With R

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Welcome to Machine Learning Mastery!

Jason BrownleeHi, my name is Jason.

I think machine learning is absolutely fascinating and a powerful tool that can solve some very difficult problems.

I get a lot of satisfaction helping developers get started and kick ass in machine learning. I teach an unconventional top-down (practical) approach to machine learning where we start by working through problems and wade into theory as we need it.

I’m from Australia and I have computer science background as well as a Masters and PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence. I’ve written books on algorithms, consulted for startups and I used to work on systems for forecasting tropical cyclones in my day job.

Learn more about my story.