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Investigate Machine Learning Algorithm Behavior

How To Investigate Machine Learning Algorithm Behavior

Machine learning algorithms are complex systems that require study to understand. Static descriptions of machine learning algorithms are a good starting point, but are insufficient to get a feeling for how the algorithm behaves. You need to see the algorithm in action. Experimenting on a running machine learning algorithms will allow you to build an […]

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feature selection

An Introduction to Feature Selection

Which features should you use to create a predictive model? This is a difficult question that may require deep knowledge of the problem domain. It is possible to automatically select those features in your data that are most useful or most relevant for the problem you are working on. This is a process called feature […]

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BFGS Results

Convex Optimization in R

Optimization is a big part of machine learning. It is the core of most popular methods, from least squares regression to artificial neural networks. In this post you will discover recipes for 5 optimization algorithms in R. These methods might be useful in the core of your own implementation of a machine learning algorithm. You […]

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