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Beginners are Different

The Machine Learning Mastery Method

5-Steps To Get Started and Get Good at Machine Learning I teach a 5-step process that you can use to get your start in applied machine learning. It is unconventional. The traditional way to teach machine learning is bottom-up. Start with the theory and math, then algorithm implementations, then send you off to figure out […]

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What You Think You Know About Deep Learning Is A Lie

What You Know About Deep Learning Is A Lie

Getting started in deep learning is a struggle. It’s a struggle because deep learning is taught by academics, for academics. If you’re a developer (or practitioner), you’re different. You want results. The way practitioners learn new technologies is by developing prototypes that deliver value quickly. This is a top-down approach to learning, but it is not the way […]

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scikit-learn Cookbook

scikit-learn Cookbook Book Review

The scikit-learn library is the premiere library for machine learning in Python. The online documentation is quite good but sometimes can feel fragmented or limited by narrow examples. In this post you will discover the book Scikit-Learn Cookbook by Trent Hauck that provides a desktop reference to supplement the online documentation and help you get […]

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Popular Deep Learning Libraries

Popular Deep Learning Libraries

There are so many deep learning libraries to choose from. Which are the good professional libraries that are worth learning and which are someones side project and should be avoided. It is hard to tell the difference. In this post you will discover the top deep learning libraries that you should consider learning and using […]

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Deep Learning Books

Deep Learning Books

There are not many books on deep learning at the moment because it is such a young area of study. There are a few books available though and some very interesting books in the pipeline that you can purchase by early access. In this post, you will discover the books available right now on deep […]

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Find Your Machine Learning Tribe

Find Your Machine Learning Tribe

Get Started And Avoid Getting The Wrong Advice Machine learning is a fascinating and powerful field of study filled with algorithms and data. The thing is, there are so many different types of people interested in machine learning, and each has different needs. It is important to understand what it is you want from machine learning […]

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