exhibit your projects

Build a Machine Learning Portfolio

Complete Small Focused Projects and Demonstrate Your Skills A portfolio is typically used by designers and artists to show examples of prior work to prospective clients and employers. Design, art and photography are examples where the work product is creative and empirical, where telling someone you can do it is not valued the same as […]

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The Data Analytics Handbook: Researchers + Academics

The Data Analytics Handbook: Researchers and Academics Review

What is the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist. This question is considered from the perspective of researchers and academics in the third instalment in the series of The Data Analytics Handbook. The first book contained 7 interviews with working analysts and data scientists. The second book contained 9 interviews with CEOs and managers. This third […]

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machine learning that matters

Machine Learning that Matters

Reading bootstrapping machine learning, Louis mentioned a paper that I had to go off and read. The title of the paper is Machine Learning that Matters (PDF) by Kiri Wagstaff from JPL and was published in 2012. Kiri’s thesis is that the machine learning research community has lost its way. She suggests that much of machine […]

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