BigML Sunburst Visualization

BigML Review: Discover the Clever Features in This Machine Learning as a Service Platform

Machine Learning has been commoditized into a service. This is a recent trend that looks like it will develop into the mainstream like commoditized storage and virtualization. It is the natural next step. In this review you will learn about BigML that provides commoditized machine learning as a service for business analysts and application integration. […]

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Machine Learning Tips From Phil Brierley

Machine Learning Tips from a World Class Practitioner: Phil Brierley

Phil Brierley won the Heritage Health Prize Kaggle machine learning competition. Phil was trained as a mechanical engineer and has a background in data mining with his company Tiberius Data Mining. He is heavily into R these days and keeps a blog at Another Data Mining Blog. In October 2013 he presented to the Melbourne Users of R special interest […]

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Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis with Association Rule Learning

The promise of Data Mining was that algorithms would crunch data and find interesting patterns that you could exploit in your business. The exemplar of this promise is market basket analysis (Wikipedia calls it affinity analysis). Given a pile of transactional records, discover interesting purchasing patterns that could be exploited in the store, such as offers […]

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