Passenger Fate by Traveling Class

Applied Machine Learning Lessons from A Case Study of Passenger Survival Prediction

A valuable exercise when learning and practicing machine learning is to study how others apply methods and solve problems. It’s valuable because you can learn about new processes, software, graphs, and algorithms. But it is new ways of thinking about the process of solving problems with machine learning that is the most valuable part of […]

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RapidMiner Screenshot

Java Machine Learning

Are you a Java programmer and looking to get started or practice machine learning? Writing programs that make use of machine learning is the best way to learn machine learning. You can write the algorithms yourself from scratch, but you can make a lot more progress if you leverage an existing open source library. In […]

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racing algorithms

Machine Learning is Kaggle Competitions

Julia Evans wrote a post recently titled “Machine learning isn’t Kaggle competitions“. It was an interesting post because it pointed out an important truth. If you want to solve business problems using machine learning, doing well at Kaggle competitions is not a good indicator of that skills. The rationale is that the work required to […]

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machine learning communities

Machine Learning Communities

Online communities are invaluable in machine learning, regardless of your skill level. The reason is that, like programming, you never stop learning. You simply cannot know everything, there are always new algorithms, new data and new combinations to discover and practice. Communities help. You can get your questions answered, learn by answering other peoples questions […]

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applied predictive modeling

Books for Machine Learning with R

R is a powerful platform for data analysis and machine learning. It is my main workhorse for things like competitions and consulting work. The reason is the large amounts of powerful algorithms available, all on the one platform. In this post I want to point out some resources you can use to get started in […]

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