Random Forest for Image Classification Using OpenCV

The Random Forest algorithm forms part of a family of ensemble machine learning algorithms and is a popular variation of bagged decision trees. It also comes implemented in the OpenCV library. In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply OpenCV’s Random Forest algorithm for image classification, starting with a relatively easier banknote dataset and […]

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Hardware-Accelerated AI for Windows Apps Using ONNX RT

Sponsored Content   By Rajan Mistry Sr. Applications Engineer with the Qualcomm Developer Network Today, you can’t help but read the media headlines about AI and the growing sophistication of generative AI models like Stable Diffusion. A great example of a use case for generative AI on Windows is Microsoft 365 Copilot. This AI assistant can […]

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Support Vector Machines in OpenCV

The Support Vector Machine algorithm is one of the most popular supervised machine learning techniques, and it comes implemented in the OpenCV library. This tutorial will introduce the necessary skills to start using Support Vector Machines in OpenCV, using a custom dataset that we will generate. We will then apply these skills for the specific […]

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Extracting Histogram of Gradients with OpenCV

Besides the feature descriptor generated by SIFT, SURF, and ORB, as in the previous post, the Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) is another feature descriptor you can obtain using OpenCV. HOG is a robust feature descriptor widely used in computer vision and image processing for object detection and recognition tasks. It captures the distribution of […]

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