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Machine Learning Mastery with Python

Machine Learning Mastery With Python

Machine Learning Mastery With Python Discover The Fastest Growing Platform For Professional Machine Learning With Step-By-Step Tutorials and End-To-End Projects Machine Learning Mastery with Python is for Developers ….with a little Background in Machine Learning …and LOTS of Interest in Making Accurate Predictions and Delivering Results I have carefully designed this Ebook for developers that already know a little background in […]

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Machine Learning Mastery With R

Machine Learning Mastery With R

Machine Learning Mastery With R Discover The Most Popular Machine Learning Platform With Step-By-Step Tutorials And End-To-End Projects You Need R to Really Kick Ass at Applied Machine Learning …But You Don’t Want to Deep-Dive into Theory or Language Syntax Professional developers can pick-up R fast… As a developer, you know how to pick up […]

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Machine Learning Checklist

How to Use a Machine Learning Checklist to Get Accurate Predictions, Reliably

How do you get accurate results using machine learning on problem after problem? The difficulty is that each problem is unique, requiring different data sources, features, algorithms, algorithm configurations and on and on. The solution is to use a checklist that guarantees a good result every time. In this post you will discover a checklist […]

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Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

Python Machine Learning Books

Python is a very popular language for machine learning. The machine learning libraries and frameworks in Python (especially around the SciPy stack) are maturing quickly. They may not be as feature rich as R, but they are robust enough for small to medium scale production implementation. If you are a Python programmer looking to get […]

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