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How to Spot-Check Imbalanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Step-By-Step Framework for Imbalanced Classification Projects

Classification predictive modeling problems involve predicting a class label for a given set of inputs. It is a challenging problem in general, especially if little is known about the dataset, as there are tens, if not hundreds, of machine learning algorithms to choose from. The problem is made significantly more difficult if the distribution of […]

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Histogram Plots of the Variables for the Phoneme Dataset

Predictive Model for the Phoneme Imbalanced Classification Dataset

Many binary classification tasks do not have an equal number of examples from each class, e.g. the class distribution is skewed or imbalanced. Nevertheless, accuracy is equally important in both classes. An example is the classification of vowel sounds from European languages as either nasal or oral on speech recognition where there are many more […]

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Histogram of Each Variable in the Oil Spill Dataset

How to Develop an Imbalanced Classification Model to Detect Oil Spills

Many imbalanced classification tasks require a skillful model that predicts a crisp class label, where both classes are equally important. An example of an imbalanced classification problem where a class label is required and both classes are equally important is the detection of oil spills or slicks in satellite images. The detection of a spill […]

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A Gentle Introduction to Threshold-Moving for Imbalanced Classification

A Gentle Introduction to Threshold-Moving for Imbalanced Classification

Classification predictive modeling typically involves predicting a class label. Nevertheless, many machine learning algorithms are capable of predicting a probability or scoring of class membership, and this must be interpreted before it can be mapped to a crisp class label. This is achieved by using a threshold, such as 0.5, where all values equal or […]

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Learning Curves of Cross-Entropy Loss for a Deep Learning Model

TensorFlow 2 Tutorial: Get Started in Deep Learning With tf.keras

Predictive modeling with deep learning is a skill that modern developers need to know. TensorFlow is the premier open-source deep learning framework developed and maintained by Google. Although using TensorFlow directly can be challenging, the modern tf.keras API beings the simplicity and ease of use of Keras to the TensorFlow project. Using tf.keras allows you […]

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