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Machine Learning Theory

5 Ways To Understand Machine Learning Algorithms (without math)

Where does theory fit into a top-down approach to studying machine learning? In the traditional approach to teaching machine learning, theory comes first requiring an extensive background in mathematics to be able to understand it. In my approach to teaching machine learning, I start with teaching you how to work problems end-to-end and deliver results. […]

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Practice Practice Practice

Practice Machine Learning with Datasets from the UCI Machine Learning Repository

Where can you get good datasets to practice machine learning? Datasets that are real-world so that they are interesting and relevant, although small enough for you to review in Excel and work through on your desktop. In this post you will discover a database of high-quality, real-world, and well understood machine learning datasets that you […]

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Machine Learning Frustration

Machine Learning for Developers

How Do I Get Started In Machine Learning? I’m a developer. I have read a book or some posts on machine learning. I have watched some of the Coursera machine learning course. I still don’t know how to get started… Does this sound familiar? The most common question I’m asked by developers on my newsletter is: How do […]

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Exploratory Data Analysis

Understand Your Problem and Get Better Results Using Exploratory Data Analysis

You often jump from problem-to-problem in applied machine learning and you need to get up to speed on a new dataset, fast. A classical and under-utilised approach that you can use to quickly build a relationship with a new data problem is Exploratory Data Analysis. In this post you will discover Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), […]

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crash course in statistics

Crash Course in Statistics for Machine Learning

You do not need to know statistics before you can start learning and applying machine learning. You can start today. Nevertheless, knowing some statistics can be very helpful to understand the language used in machine learning. Knowing some statistics will eventually be required when you want to start making strong claims about your results. In […]

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Implement Machine Learning Algorithms from Scratch

Don’t Start with Open-Source Code When Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms

Edward Raff is the author of the Java Machine Learning library called JSAT (which is an acronym for Java Statistical Analysis Tool). Edward has implemented many algorithms in creating this library and I recently reached out to him and asked what advice he could give to beginners implementing machine learning algorithms from scratch. In this post […]

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