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Statistics for Evaluating Machine Learning Models

Statistics for Evaluating Machine Learning Models

Tom Mitchell’s classic 1997 book “Machine Learning” provides a chapter dedicated to statistical methods for evaluating machine learning models. Statistics provides an important set of tools used at each step of a machine learning project. A practitioner cannot effectively evaluate the skill of a machine learning model without using statistical methods. Unfortunately, statistics is an […]

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Statistics Books for Machine Learning

Statistics Books for Machine Learning

Statistical methods are used at each step in an applied machine learning project. This means it is important to have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of the key findings from statistics and a working knowledge of relevant statistical methods. Unfortunately, statistics is not covered in many computer science and software engineering degree programs. Even […]

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crash course in statistics

Crash Course in Statistics for Machine Learning

You do not need to know statistics before you can start learning and applying machine learning. You can start today. Nevertheless, knowing some statistics can be very helpful to understand the language used in machine learning. Knowing some statistics will eventually be required when you want to start making strong claims about your results. In […]

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Model-Based Outlier Detection and Removal in Python

4 Automatic Outlier Detection Algorithms in Python

The presence of outliers in a classification or regression dataset can result in a poor fit and lower predictive modeling performance. Identifying and removing outliers is challenging with simple statistical methods for most machine learning datasets given the large number of input variables. Instead, automatic outlier detection methods can be used in the modeling pipeline […]

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