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Data Preparation for Machine Learning - Small

Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Data Preparation for Machine Learning Data Cleaning, Feature Selection, and Data Transforms in Python …so What is Data Preparation? Predictive modeling projects involve learning from data. Data refers to examples or cases from the domain that characterize the problem that you want to solve. On a predictive modeling project, such as classification or regression, raw […]

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Can you give me advice on machine learning research?

Thanks for asking, I’m flattered. I have some research degrees and I loved research then and love it now. But I don’t think I’m good at it. In fact, I like reading and figuring out what others have learned perhaps more than devising my own research program. Perhaps I’m more engineer and scholar than academic […]

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How to Use Polynomial Features Transforms for Machine Learning

How to Use Polynomial Feature Transforms for Machine Learning

Often, the input features for a predictive modeling task interact in unexpected and often nonlinear ways. These interactions can be identified and modeled by a learning algorithm. Another approach is to engineer new features that expose these interactions and see if they improve model performance. Additionally, transforms like raising input variables to a power can […]

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Histogram Plots of Robust Scaler Transformed Input Variables for the Sonar Dataset

How to Scale Data With Outliers for Machine Learning

Many machine learning algorithms perform better when numerical input variables are scaled to a standard range. This includes algorithms that use a weighted sum of the input, like linear regression, and algorithms that use distance measures, like k-nearest neighbors. Standardizing is a popular scaling technique that subtracts the mean from values and divides by the […]

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