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How are “Data Science” and “Machine Learning” related?

Machine learning is a subfield of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with developing systems that learn from experience. You can learn more about the definition of machine learning in this post: What is Machine Learning? When most people talk about machine learning, they really mean predictive modeling. That is, developing models trained on historical […]

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How a Student Used Tutorials to Get a Machine Learning Internship and a Job on a Data Science Team

How Álvaro Lemos got a Machine Learning Internship on a Data Science Team

Stories of how students and developers get started in applied machine learning are an inspiration. In this post, you will hear about Álvaro Lemos story and his transition from student to getting a machine learning internship. Including: How interest in genetic algorithms lead to the discovery of neural networks and the broader field of machine learning. How […]

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Box and whisker plots of target variables for one chunk

How to Load, Visualize, and Explore a Multivariate Multistep Time Series Dataset

Real-world time series forecasting is challenging for a whole host of reasons not limited to problem features such as having multiple input variables, the requirement to predict multiple time steps, and the need to perform the same type of prediction for multiple physical sites. The EMC Data Science Global Hackathon dataset, or the ‘Air Quality […]

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