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Bootstrapping Machine Learning

Bootstrapping Machine Learning: An Upcoming Book on Prediction APIs

I came across an upcoming book that might interest you. It is titled Bootstrapping Machine Learning by Louis Dorard, PhD. A 40-page sample is provided and I enjoyed it. I think the final book will be a valuable read. Louis takes the position that machine learning is commoditized to the point where if you are an application developer, you don’t need to […]

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Example bayesian network

Introduction to Bayesian Networks with Jhonatan de Souza Oliveira

This post is a spotlight interview with Jhonatan de Souza Oliveira on the topic of Bayesian Networks. Could you please introduce yourself? My name is Jhonatan Oliveira and I am an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil. I have been interested in Artificial Intelligence since the beginning of college, when had […]

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Where Does Machine Learning Fit In?

Machine Learning is a multidisciplinary field and it can be very confusing when you are getting started to differentiate machine learning from the closely related fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. In this post you will learn about those fields that are related to machine learning. Specifically, you will learn about the boundaries of […]

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