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Essential Machine Learning Knowledge

Discover Machine Learning Algorithms!

(ideal for Beginner Level)

Master Machine Learning Algorithms

A gentle step-by-step introduction to 10 top machine learning algorithms.

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Code Machine Learning Algorithms!

(ideal for Beginner Level)

Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch

Discover how to code machine learning algorithms from scratch with Python.

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Applied Machine Learning Without Code!

(ideal for Beginner Level)

Machine Learning Mastery With Weka

Gentle introduction to applied machine learning for predictive modeling with Weka.

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Practical Machine Learning Knowledge

Discover Applied Machine Learning With Python!

(ideal for Intermediate Level)

Machine Learning Mastery with Python

Discover Machine Learning in the Python ecosystem. Includes 16 step-by-step lessons and 3 end-to-end projects.

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Discover Applied Machine Learning With R!

(ideal for Intermediate Level)


The most advanced machine learning platform used by professionals.

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Advanced Machine Learning Knowledge

Discover Deep Learning With Python!

(ideal for Advanced Level)

Deep Learning With Python

Develop and tune a suite deep learning models on a range of projects.

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Discover XGBoost With Python!

(ideal for Advanced Level)

XGBoost With Python

Discover the algorithm that is winning competitions. Includes 15 step-by-step tutorial lessons.

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Product Bundles

Get Started With Machine Learning!

(get a 34% discount)

Beginner Bundle

Discover machine learning algorithms and apply them in Weka without code.

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Apply Machine Learning With Python!

(get a massive 30% discount)

Machine Learning Python Pro Bundle

Discover machine learning in Python with scikit-learn, XGBoost and Deep Learning.

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Discover Machine Learning Algorithms!

(get a massive 30% discount)

Machine Learning Mastery Algorithms Bundle

Discover how top machine learning algorithms work, code them from scratch and learn applied machine learning with Weka.

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Get Serious and Get Success!

(get a massive 26% discount)

Machine Learning Mastery Super Bundle

Get a massive head start in algorithms, Weka, Python, R and Deep Learning and more.

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